• Pregnant woman receiving a Pregnancy Massage at Atma Wellbeing by Saura Rates

    Pregnancy Massage

    Prenatal Massage

    Also known as Prenatal Massage, Pregnancy Massage has been shown as quite important in women's prenatal care. Besides improving overall wellness by increasing hormones such as Dopamine and Serotonin, prenatal massage also increases Oxycontin, which supports feelings of attachment, essential during pregnancy, birthing and lactation. Helps to relieve many of pregnancy discomforts, while improving the progression of labour and benefitting the unborn baby.


    Women are recommended to have pregnancy massage from the 4th month of pregnancy.


    Being pregnant changes your centre of gravity, resulting in different stress in the body, many of which can be treated with this special massage therapy.

    • Reduce any back or joint pain
    • Reduce edema and swelling
    • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • Reduce muscle tension and headaches
    • Blood and lymph circulation
    • It is incredibly relaxing, invigorating and pleasant
    Our Promise

    You will leave our Pregnancy Massage session feeling more energised, more comfortable with your body changes while passing all the well-being to your little one.


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