• woman receiving a Face Massage at Atma Wellbeing by Saura Rates

    Facial Massage

    Facial Lymphatic Drainage + Face Lifting Massage + Cleansing


    Facial massages, when done by an experienced professional, is a gentle and thoughtful massage procedure that will not only improve the appearance of your skin, but also relax the muscles that create lines of expression, stimulate the lymph flow (improving swelling), increase blood circulation and oxygen to produce collagen and elastin, giving a firmer and healthier appearance to your face.

    • Anti-aging, preventing wrinkles
    • Helps reducing stress lines
    • Firmer and tighter skin
    • Blood and lymph circulation, healthier face appearance
    • It is incredibly relaxing, invigorating and pleasant
    Our Promise

    You'll leave the session with a slim, healthier-looking face while combating those unwanted wrinkles in the longer term.