• Woman receiving a Power Touch Lymphatic Massage at Atma Wellbeing by Saura Rates

    Power Touch + Facial Massage

    Power Touch Lymphatic Massage + Facial Massage


    With this combo, get 1:40min of the best of both Power Touch and Facial Massage.


    Power TouchTM will detox and reshape your body, just like the supermodels do. Results are guaranteed and happen in the first session


    • De-bloat, reshape and define your body curves and muscles
    • It'll make you feel amazing (many of our clients call it "healing massage")
    • Gives you that slimmer appearance (shredded for those with lower body fat)
    • It's natural, safe, detoxing and cleansing
    • Naturally improves fluid retention and swelling (edema)
    • It's recommended and adapted for some post-surgical treatment


    Know more about Power Touch here



    Facial Massage is a combination of Facial Lymphatic Massage + Facial Lifting Massage + Cleansing.

    It will not only improve the appearance of your skin, but also relax the muscles that create lines of expression, stimulate the lymph flow (improving swelling), increase blood circulation and oxygen to produce collagen and elastin, giving a firmer and healthier appearance to your face.

    • Anti-aging, preventing wrinkles
    • Helps reducing stress lines
    • Firmer and tighter skin
    • Blood and lymph circulation, healthier face appearance
    • It is incredibly relaxing, invigorating and pleasant
    Our promise
    Power TouchTM + Facial Massage will get rid of fluid retention, improve your curves and detox your body and your face while combating those unwanted wrinkles in the longer term.