• Woman receiving a Power Touch Lymphatic Massage at Atma Wellbeing by Saura Rates

    Power Touch

    The unique Detox Lymphatic Massage


    Power TouchTM was developed and perfected by Saura Rates, and it's based on the incredibly efficient and famous Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage (Detox Lymphatic Massage) combined with special massage techniques that will detox and reshape your body, just like the supermodels do.

    Results are guaranteed and happen in the first session!


    This is a modern lymphatic drainage body massage technique that is much more efficient than the traditional Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).

    Aiming at health improvements and reshaping the body, this method was developed to improve the silhouette and has been widely used by celebrities to finetune their curves.

    • De-bloat, reshape and define your body curves and muscles by reducing swelling
    • It'll make you feel amazing (many of our clients call it "healing massage")
    • Gives you that slimmer appearance (shredded for those with lower body fat)
    • It's natural, safe, detoxing and cleansing
    • Naturally improves fluid retention and swelling (edema)
    • It's recommended and adapted for some post-surgical treatment
    Our promise
    Power TouchTM will get rid of fluid retention, improve your curves and detox your body. You'll feel better and look better in 1 hour, like in the photo below!

    Not quite sure yet?

    BOOK NOW your First Power Touch Lymphatic Massage to get an extra 15 minutes! We'll assess your case and demonstrate that Power Touch will benefit you the most!

    Victoria's Secret models Shanina Shaik, Devon Windsor and Kelly Gale are open about having lymphatic massage sessions as part of their preparations for the fashion shows.

    reference: Daily Mail

    Power Touch Detox Lymphatic Massage - what's different about it?


    Performing Lymphatic Massages for a combined 25 years - more than 12,000 treatments given - we hold the experience needed to tailor and perform the perfect lymphatic massage to specific body types. We developed, evolved and refined Lymphatic Drainage into the unique Power TouchTM.

    • It's a unique combination of techniques, including the famous detox Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage and a special Modelling Massage
    • It's proven to be the most effective treatment to detox and reshape your body
    • It uses very precise, gentle and firm movements (yes, it's very relaxing also!).
    You'll enjoy every second of this entire experience!
    What are the benefits?
    There are many factors that may contribute to a slow-flow lymphatic system. Power Touch will naturally give your body the help it needs to detox the lymph, as well as de-bloat your body by moving the excess of liquid accumulated.
    This special lymphatic massage technique promotes an effective result that you'll be able to see from the very first session.
    • Natural, deep cleansing and detoxing by removing excess fluid, toxins and other substances accumulated in the lymph
    • Reshape your body and promotes weight reduction by removing retained liquid
    • Helps fighting cellulite and improves skin appearance and texture
    • Improvements to circulatory, immune and digestive systems
    • General benefits to nervous and muscular systems
    • Post-operative healing and swelling management, including plastic surgery
    • Relaxation
    • besides many other benefits like improving sleeplessness, swelling, tiredness, hunger, headaches, premenstrual syndrome, etc
  • The Lymphatic System and its importance

    The Lymphatic System


    The Lymphatic System is a network of tissues and organs that is responsible for cleansing and nourishing your body, removing waste from the cells and delivering nutrients via the circulating lymph.


    The lymphatic system is known as one of the two circulatory systems of the body, however, it lacks a "heart" for pumping the lymph. Due to that, the lymphatic system relies mainly on muscle contraction, joints movement and blood circulation to flow the lymph throughout the body.


    Its main functions are:

    • Collect, filter and eliminate/destroy toxins, microorganisms, dead cells, fat cells, and others
    • Deliver nutrients to your organs
    • Move liquid throughout the body
    • Fight infections


    Although being a highly important system, we often do not move our bodies enough to fully stimulate the lymph flow and enjoy its full benefits. Or even when we do, it's common to have liquid retention in certain areas of our bodies.


    First created in the 1930s, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) evolved considerably since, becoming an advanced Lymphatic Massage technique that naturally stimulates the lymphatic flow through the body (especially from accumulated areas) into the Lymph Nodes, completing its cleansing and nourishing function.


    Lymphatic Massage (formerly known as MLD) is an ADVANCED and NATURAL technique that helps your body stay healthy by detoxing, eliminating waste and fighting infections while improving your body curves by removing the accumulated fluid.


  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage FAQ

    How many sessions I need to do?

    Although you’ll be able to see the results from the very first session, we will examine your case, understand your goals and then suggest the number of sessions needed. Normally it is recommended between 2 and 8 sessions per month.

    Is it recommended during pregnancy?


    Power Touch/Lymphatic Drainage Massage is highly recommended during pregnancy, as it helps the body to naturally release the excess of retained liquid. It also improves the oxygenation of tissue, relieving physical and hormonal discomfort.

    Is there any contraindication?


    Lymphatic Drainage Massage, and especially Power Touch are effective massage techniques that really change your body, so we'll ask if you have any infections, hypertension, tumours, thrombosis, kidney or lymphatic problems, as these are normally contraindicated.

    Is it natural and safe?


    Since 1930 lymphatic drainage benefits have been proven over and over again. The Power Touch massage method is based on the same principles. It is absolutely safe and recommended to anyone that is looking at not only reducing swelling and improving their body shape, but also to help the body eliminating accumulated waste and toxins.

    What should I do to keep the results?


    To help you make the Power Touch/Lymphatic Drainage Massage results even better, a good diet with nutrient dense food and plenty of water are important. We suggest a juice/smoothie in the morning with water, kale, parsley, mint, lime, ginger, apple and maybe even berries! Great for the liver and lymphatic system... your health appreciates.

    Why stimulate the lymphatic system?


    Sometimes due to the style of life, diet, or genetics, one's lymphatic system cannot perform its drainage efficiently, thus resulting in excess of lymph accumulated. This is what creates the common and characteristic swollen appearance. This special technique helps your body draining the excess of lymph, which improves the overall body detoxing and circulatory performance.

  • If you have any doubts or queries, please let us know!