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    1. Lymphatic Massage

    Lymphatic Massage

    The Lymphatic System

    The Lymphatic System is mainly responsible for aiding the immune system by removing waste from the cells and delivering nutrients by circulating the Lymph.


    The lymphatic system is known as one of the two circulatory systems of the body, however, it lacks a "heart" for pumping the lymph. Due to that, the lymphatic system relies mainly on muscle contraction, joints and blood circulation to flow the lymph throughout the body.


    Its main functions are:

    • Collect, filter and eliminate/destroy toxins, microorganisms, dead blood cells, cancer cells, fat cells, and others
    • Remove excess of liquid
    • Deliver nutrients to the cells
    • Fight infections



    The importance of Lymphatic Massage

    By understanding the above and the lack of a heart to pump the lymph throughout the body, manual lymphatic drainage technique was created in the 1930's as a tool to naturally stimulate the flow of lymph through the body by naturally pumping it (especially from accumulated areas) into the Lymph Nodes, where it is cleansed and detoxed.


    Lymphatic Drainage is NATURAL and helps your body stay healthy by detoxing, eliminating waste and fighting infections, and at the same time remove accumulated fluid.




    What is the Lymphatic Massage method?

    This is a modern lymphatic drainage body massage technique that is more efficient than the classic lymphatic drainage.

    Aiming at health improvements and reshaping of the body, this method was developed in Brazil and has been widely used by celebrities to finetune their curves.


    Power Touch

    This is a modern lymphatic drainage body massage technique that is more efficient than the classic lymphatic drainage.

    The photos below are of our clients, before and after their very first 1-hour session!

  • Lymphatic Massage FAQ

    How many sessions will I need to do?

    Although you’ll be able to see the results from the very first session, our specialist Saura will examine your current situation, understand your goals and then suggest the number of sessions would be needed to reach the results you want, as well as how to maintain the amazing results.

    Is it recommended during pregnancy?

    It is highly recommended during pregnancy, as it helps the body to naturally release the excess of retained liquid. It also improves the oxygenation of tissue, relieving physical and hormonal discomfort.

    Is there any contraindication?

    It is a very effective massage technique that really changes your body, so Saura will ask if you have any infections, hypertension, tumours, thrombosis, kidney or lymphatic problems, as these are normally contraindicated.

    Isn't it unnatural and dangerous?

    Since 1930 lymphatic drainage benefits have been proven over and over again. Thi special Detox Lymphatic Drainage method is based on the same principles. It is absolutely safe and recommended to anyone that is looking to not only reduce swollen body parts, but also to help the body eliminating accumulated waste and toxins.

    What should I do to keep the results?

    To help you make the results even better, a good diet with nutrient dense food and plenty of water are important. Saura suggests juice in the morning with water, kale, parsley, mint, lime, ginger, apple and maybe even berries! Great for the liver, lymphatic system, and everything else.

    Why stimulate the lymphatic system?

    Sometimes due to the style of life, diet, or genetics, one's lymphatic system cannot perform its drainage efficiently, thus resulting in excess of lymph accumulated. This is what creates the common and characteristic swollen appearance. This special technique helps your body draining the excess of lymph, which improves the overall circulatory system performance.

    How is the aftercare treatment of Lymphatic Drainage?

    It's important to drink plenty of water (as much of it is flushed away from the treated areas) and give yourself some time to feel its benefits.

    Check here to understand more about our Brazilian Detox Lymphatic Drainage.

  • Will I get sore after a remedial massage?

    Depending on the case, mild soreness is a normal consequence of remedial massage as it promotes blood flow into the area, which increases sensitivity, but also speeds up the so desired healing.

    Drink lots of water and take a warm shower after the massage. The benefits will certainly be worth it.

    Is prenatal massage beneficial for the baby?

    It sure is. When receiving a massage, your baby will feel the same endorphins you are naturally secreting, transferring the good sensation to the little one.

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