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Tony Robbins's article "The 10-day pure energy challenge" presents the 8 main factors for helping improving our levels of energy throughout the day.

All of the points above are important, but if we understand the core meaning of each one, we could summarise it to the 3 main points bellow:

  • Nourishment
  • Exercise
  • Self Awareness

"You are what you eat". There is a reason why you probably read it a thousand of times: It's absolutely true.

From fruits, vegetables and essential oils, to water; the quality of the "stuff" we put in our mouths will certainly reflect on the way our mind and body respond to all activity we do. Nourishing our bodies well is essential to improve that way we look and live well with ourselves.

Exercising will get our machinery working. An car left in the weather for one year will almost certainly have mechanical problems when the engines are fired again. Moving our bodies regularly is critical to maintain not only muscles and joints healthy, but also organs, blood, skin, hair.... everything, also because it also supports the Lymphatic System doing its job.

The last point, Self awareness, probably brings the most interesting part of this. We are not perfect, so our nourishment is far from perfect and we do not exercise always when needed. Listening and watching our body and mind is very important, so we can give us that extra help needed when we notice something could be improved.

That's where Lymphatic Drainage proves really helpful. What he calls Lymphasizing is simply the act of exercising to stimulate lymphatic flow. However, in many cases this alone is not enough to give our body that extra help needed to get rid of toxins and deliver the nourishment required to our organs, as well as remove that stubborn liquid retention.

Lymphatic Drainage is proven not only to remove liquid from certain areas of the body, but also detox and nourish us. That's not by accident that most clients report a feeling of great energy increase, mobility and wellness feeling days after one of Atma Wellbeing Lymphatic Massage sessions.

This article was based on Tony Robbins's "THE 10-DAY PURE ENERGY CHALLENGE" written by Team Tony.

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